School History

Our eight-graded, student –friendly school in a historic building is located at 4 Városligeti fasor, next to Lövölde Square.

We are said to have a family atmosphere and high standard of education. Our curriculum is adjusted to the requirements of all kinds of secondary schools.

Besides general education, we attach great importance to the development of children’s personality.

We specialize in language teaching, information technology, art, sports and environment protection.
The nearby well-known music school helps learning music.
We also provide facility for Religious Studies.

In lower classes (age 6-10) teaching goes on ina n all-day system, where, regarding the age of children, lessons and free time vary from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. There are two teachers for each class dividing lessons, one of them taching humanities and the other teaching scientific subjects.

In upper classes students can get help in studying int he afternoon, in so-called preparation classes.

There is a facility for having three meals a day for all children who need it.

Children can choose from a great variety of after-school actrivities ( theatres, exhibitions, zoo, craft and sports programmes, dance).

We teach English as a foreign language aiming at communicative language teaching.
For students in grades 1-2, there is one lesson aweek, for students in grades 3-4 there are two lessons a week and for students in grades 5-8 there are four lessons a week.

In 2005 we became an eco-school organizing programmes, excursions, our everyday life and a special programme, learning in a natural environment.

IT and drama are introduced int he first grade. Our aim is to give our students a skill taht can be used in their everyday lives.

We offer a great variety of sports in the school, mainly ball games. We are provided with a sports field and a playground surrounded by a park.

The school library waits for the children and the teachers with thousands of books.

The school choir regularly takes part in several programmes, not only in the school but also in the district and the city.

Our skilled teachersand our equipment provide facilities for high standard education.
According to the needs and interests of the students, we run various courses and extra classes.
These are the following:

Art classes: folk dance, craft, drama, media, photo, museum visitor, puppet theatre
Language classes: English, German
IT : begginers, advanced
Sports: gymnastics, ball games
Study groups: different subjects, e.g. Maths, Literature, etc.

Students also have their own, active school board.

Our traditional programmes are: School Day, Luca Fair, Christmas Party, Derko Family Sports Day, end-of-term excursion, Foundation Ball, Art Day


Derkovits Plaquette for parents
Derkovits Cups for students
„Love Prize” founded by one of our former colleagues, given to children doing community and charity work

We esteem love of culture, sense of vocation, honour of work and responsiveness to problems highly.

Work in our school is supported by the Derkovits Foundation. Parents take part actively int he life of the school.

Derkovits Gyula Primary School

Address: H-1068 Budapest
Városligeti fasor 4.

Phone: (36-1) 342-85-42 ; (36-1) 322-92-15